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All donations given, including Partnership, need to be given to "Promise of Life Church" in order to be tax receipted, until FMIGO's charity status is fully approved by CRA. All monies given will still be used to fulfil the vision of FMIGO and sending Pastor Craig internationally.

Present, Future, Past Global Outreach

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"The voice grows.
The voice grows.
The range of the voice, it goes further. Not just in the city, not just in your country, but in the spirit realm. The voice is enlarged..."


Pastor Nancy Dufresne
(May 5, 2018)


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Field Ministries International
Global Outreach

140 Capital Court 
Mississauga, ON

L5T 2R8 Canada

Phone: 1+905-564-1117


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FMI GO LOGO (1).png
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