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Who We Are

"You will minister in the power of My Spirit, and I will take you around the world. Thus far is has been... but it shall be around the world."


Pastors Craig & Jennifer Field

Pastor Craig Field has been in the ministry for over 25 years. He and his wife, Jennifer, joyfully accepted God's mandate for them to found and pastor Promise of Life Church in October 2008. 

Since beginning the church in 2008, God has opened doors for Pastor Craig to minister in many nations. As the President of Field Ministries International Global Outreach (FMIGO), Pastor Craig has travelled all around the globe preaching faith in such nations as the United States, Brazil, Russia, and many nations in the African continent.  He is also the President of Israel’s Peace, a ministry that is designed to impart to Israeli pastors through prayer, financial assistance, and the ministry of the Word. 


In 2019, Pastors Craig and Jennifer founded Promise of Life South Asian Church, a Punjabi-speaking, Word and Spirit church for the South Asian community in the Greater Toronto Area.  In 2023 Promise of Life Haliburton was launched in the Algonquin Highlands.

Additionally, Pastor Craig  Field hosts the Voice Radio Broadcast, a radio program that airs every weekday on Joy Radio (1250 AM) at 12pm (EST).  On this broadcast, he brings the message of faith to the Greater Toronto Area through sermons, interviews, and testimonies. 

Pastor Craig is also the president of Word & Spirit Revival Training Centre, a part-time Bible School that trains up men and women to move in what God is doing in this era. 

Together, Pastors Craig and Jennifer have committed to flowing with the Word and the Spirit in these last days and are contending for God's perfect will to come to pass in the earth. 

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"Father, I thank you that this ministry will set forth from the shores of Canada, and go into the earth. And such great a cry will come from this place for the places that sit in great darkness. Father for you have given them to us. Father, we are finding out the plan of attack, to be laden down with great supply from heaven, Father so that when we land, we will have the power of God for the people, and the banner of God will fly high for this place. And to the highways and into the byways, the riverways and the cities, yes Lord, your presence will go before us, and we shall prevail, You shall prevail through us. Hallelujah. Thank you Lord."

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